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We are Nexus Gaming

A tight knit community focused on all aspects of game-play that Ashes of Creation will have to offer. Nexus counts skilled PVP and PVE players, wily politicians, trade barons, lore fanatics, and content creators among its ranks. Click below to learn more about Nexus.

"Something Special"

Even in the times when we don't have access to Ashes of Creation Nexus manages to keep the community engaged and growing, which really feels like something special.

Guild Member

"A Unique Bunch"

I've been in guilds since before video games made guilds cool. For maybe...97 years or so. NEVER has a guild held this particular assortment of individuals. Nexus: Definitely a unique bunch... Also, our guild logo is the sun, the most powerful thing in our solar system! That's a good sign, right? I would say it's some solid foreshadowing, but there are no shadows under the sun's direct light.

DJ Virtek
Guild Member

"If I could choose one thing..."

Nexus is the best guild that I have ever joined. Everyday I look forward to talking to all the community members, and also look forward to the weekly events such as game and movie night. If I could choose one thing that makes the community special it would be that everyone has a really great sense of humor and never fails to make me laugh.

Straw Hat
Guild Member

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Leveraging the knowledge and experience of all the members of our guild to progress quicker and smarter. If you wish to join Nexus please click below and fill out our application.

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