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Nexus is a competitive gaming community created in 2017 for the high-fantasy MMO Ashes of Creation. Members of Nexus join together for the like-minded goals we share for Ashes of Creation along with the affable members we embody. Unlike many communities in the MMO genre, we continuously strive for positive progression.



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Winston S. Churchill

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”


Realizing our communities potential made us venture out to different MMO's. Representing our guild in these games stabilizes us and expands us. We hope to become a bustling community where all different types of MMO players can come and play together either on a casual or competitive level. Striving to be successful in each and every game we invest our time into is the utmost important goal we have, it'll take a lot to achieve this goal but with our communitis help, nothing is impossible.

What we offer

From the very beginning, Nexus has dedicated itself to establishing an organized community and well-developed discord server. We ensure our gaming branches are led by experienced leaders. All of our decisions are meticulously thought out, especially when it comes to guild content such as; raids, sieges, open-world content, and more. Having comprehensive spreadsheets, google docs, and forms helps us keep track of what’s important to us. When waiting for Ashes of Creation and other MMO’s we enjoy participating in movie nights, game nights, and karaoke nights together.

What we expect

No community can thrive without its members, we find it imperative that you are actually present in our discord. Being active and dedicating your time for the betterment of the community is what’ll help us succeed. Going out of your way to support the guild means you care about the members you play with and the direction Nexus is heading. Finding ways to innovate can progress the guild faster than expected, new ideas are what keeps us going. We look for members who can give a positive impact upon other members, we’re all here as gamers so let’s have a good time.