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Here is where all of our members creations come together to promote their talents and impressive abilities to entertain and awe us with their artwork and videos. Our streamers love to spend their time amusing people and creating many experiences for us to get involved in. We hold you enjoy what they’ve made for everyone!


Memories we share together in our guild will be cherished forever in our gallery, all photos of our times spent together will be deposited here.

We sometimes are lucky enough to capture all the enjoyable, nutty moments we have together, along with helpful guides for other members of our community and so-on.


Streamers are the megaphone for our guild, broadcasting to everyone everywhere. So in return we have to take care of them and promote our best content creators, here's where you'll find the most dedicated and enjoyable people from our community.


"Sometimes I use art as a way of expressing how I feel, whether it's through colors or a story I'm trying to deliver. I really can't explain it, it's simply: being creative, creating something from nothing, being able to tell a story without any words is a fascinating, challenging thing."

Guild Member

Art Feature

Created by: Omni

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Video Feature

Created by: The Golden Feather


The Golden Feather podcast is dedicated to updating and inquriing on the communities interested in Ashes of Creation, it's two current hosts; Chibibree and Virtek will guide you through the world of Verra.

The Golden Feather
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